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my story

Hi! I’m Kayleigh. read about me and my hairdressing journey…

I am a creative and friendly person and I’ve always had a natural talent when it comes to art, hair, and anything hands on. I always knew that I wanted to use that creativity in my job as it is what makes me happy and I believe the best thing to do is pursue a career in something you enjoy. Some of the things I love doing within the industry are Highlights and Balayage colours, Hair Extensions, Brazilian Blow-dry and much more!


I work on my own, but I make every effort to keep up to date with the latest trends, fashions, and techniques through courses and keeping in contact with multiple hairdressers across the globe. I have recently taken a course in Olpalex, an amazing range of products that noticeably repair damaged, dry, or brittle hair into soft, shiny, and more resilient hair.


I started hairdressing when I was 15 as a Saturday girl, I then went on to an apprenticeship in a salon and one day a week in college and qualified in 2005.

Since qualifying I worked in some salons for a few years in Essex, I then went on to mobile hairdressing as I had a family and it fit around having young children doing evening and weekend work. However in recent years this has gotten harder as I want to do more colour work and extensions and get really creative in my job. This can be really limiting when travelling multiple places, and having limited stock available.

In the last few years I have set up at my home, fitting around my family but also having that salon vibe! It allows me to do more customers hair and more importantly get more creative. I have a passion for hair, its not something I do because I have to pay the bills, I enjoy my job and I think that shows in the work that I do.