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Hairdressers are artist’s

Ok a bit about me…. I used to do hair up’s and loved doing them. I love trying new things and pushing myself but I also suffer with anxiety. Which I see as super normal now. Many of us suffer but are ashamed to speak about it, but by speaking out we are normalising it.

Due to anxiety I took the choice a few years ago to stop doing bridal hair. It just sent my anxiety over the edge. Would I be on time? (I would leave an hour early to make sure I was on time) Would I have everything I need? Would the bride like it? Why does the bride want the EXACT style in the picture? Many things run through my head and I decided enough was enough and to put myself first, and stopped creating wedding hair.

Now I’m sitting here bored in lockdown AGAIN! But one good thing has come from it for me, I have found my passion for hair again. Its given me time to re-evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and what I enjoy doing. Hair-up is one of them… So I think I may get right back to it and give them another go. I also love colouring hair tonnes!

But it scares me, I’ll try and explain why, so hopefully you can get an understanding.

I love receiving pictures to help me understand what your inspiration is. But I often get follow up pictures of someone saying “hmm what about this blonde” (with the slightest tone difference that is probably due to lighting. Or “do you think I should have this bun, or this bun a bit more messy”. (The difference being a couple of pieces of hair placed slightly differently) It just gets my heart going a million miles per hour because it just isn’t that simple. Articulating this is really tricky as I worry you feel I’m incapable when I am trying to explain those pictures are a guide, or an inspiration, Replica’s just do not exist!

Here is my instant thought process when I see a picture! Is the models hair the same colour as yours? Colour makes such a difference to how hair looks overall on a style or how the colours turns out when colouring. Is her hair thicker or finer than your hair? Does she have different textured hair to you? What about face shape, it may be longer than yours and not suit your face shape at all. What about lighting? Is it taken in natural or artificial light, what equipment was used to take the photo? Does it have a filter or been airbrushed. These are questions that run through my mind as well as many other good stylists when creating styles or colours. In some instances the colours I am sent are impossible as the original picture is in fact a wig! Especially with these white and silver colours.

As well as this we all need to remember I am different, my interpretation along with millions of other stylists is unique, so therefore there is always a different outcome.

I have a favour to ask of you, going forward I want you guys to think of hairdressers from now on as artists. If we change our mindset’s it will help us create beautiful hair tailored for you. That different shade of blonde isn’t decided by you, me, or the toner applied. (Within reason) It is decided by your hair. Toners help but cannot eliminate the natural tones you have.

We are here to help ensure the colour will suit your skin tone and eye colour. If I give you an exact look that you have chosen but it doesn’t suit your skin tone, you will blame me. When really that onus should be on you if you insist on having that colour.

As a hairdresser we are not only responsible for making your hair look how you wish but we are responsible for the integrity of the hair on your head and we must prevent unrepairable damage occurring. Imagine we manage that desired white tone, but you now need 7 inches cut off to a short pixie cut due to a stylist having to do so much chemically your hair cannot handle it. Not only would you lose trust in us I imagine you would be incredibly upset having to almost shave your hair. This would also ruin our reputation as well as confidence in ourselves.

Now I’m not saying I cannot get you close to the colour your asking, for example a warm honey blonde or a cool icy blonde. But I cannot get the exact shade of icy blonde that you have sent me because quite simply, my tools are different to the original artist. My lighting is different, I am different and so are you.

Would you give a different paintbrush to an artist with different paints, canvas’s and colours and ask them to create the same look? Equally even if they had the same equipment, a different artist will paint or draw differently. They will always have different unique styles and looks. No 2 paintings look identical. And neither does any 2 person’s hair, and no 2 hairstylist work the same way.

Only yesterday morning I was watching a live demonstration of 4 stylists creating a beautiful bridal look on instagram. All 4 of them followed the same hair design, all 4 of them were absolutely stunning, but had their own individual style or flare to it. They followed one lady and got similar but unique results. They discussed this situation arising so I know I am not alone when speaking of my experiences. A quote I read from one of their stories was “4 stylists, 4 steps, 1 style, 4 different looks.” Their instagram’s are here if anyone would like to give them a follow: @kimannsley.hair @paigelauren_bridalhair @jodycallanhair @luxxloxx

“4 stylists, 4 steps, 1 style, 4 different looks.”

So, I think what I’m asking of you is to listen to us. We don’t want to disappoint anyone but equally we want you to look and feel your best whilst keeping the integrity of your hair. Sometimes you can overwhelm us, and explaining this to you can be really tricky without sounding like we are telling you what you can and cannot do with your hair. We are trying to advise you and guide you and create something beautiful and unique to you. Your hair is unique your skin tone and face shape is you and just like a painting, or a fingerprint or a snowflake they are all different. And as a stylist I am also unique!

Please show us your inspiration and allow us to work our magic to suit you and us! Make sure you book consultations, and come with an open mind and be ready to listen to our advise. I personally do not stop learning after I finished at college. I continue learning daily and I will continue to do so to give you the very best I can and that is a promise.

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