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Laura & Kane – Wedding – Wickham Bishops

Wow what a day! The build up for Laura and Kane had been like no other I had the pleasure of being a part of. They got married on 19th June 2021. The rules were 30 people to a wedding and they had already postponed their big day by a year due to covid.

When Boris was announcing the new easing of restrictions Laura told me they had already decided not to postpone as they just wanted to start their married life now whatever that may mean for their day. I was very aware that it was a bittersweet day for them. Kane’s family live in Germany and with the travel restrictions it meant he could only have friends at their big day. But equally how lovely would it be to have simply friends there and it meant they didn’t have process of dealing with hectic seating plans and speaking to each guest individually and missing out on the moments they wanted to enjoy as husband and wife at their wedding reception.

A week before the wedding I highlighted Laura’s hair. We discussed how she should wash her hair and dry it as smooth as possible whilst trying to avoid a stubborn parting in it as in our trial for wedding hair the parting was very stubborn. She originally wanted it down and wavy but we tried 2 styles and actually she loved it up. She was collecting her dress after doing her hair and had lots planned. She was very busy and I could feel how tense she was. Laura is a planner down to the finest detail. She was panicking about the weather and informed me her fiancee had put her on a weather checking ban that morning.

Then comes the big day. I woke up to see a grey sky with some rain. Oh no!!!!! I knew it was the one thing Laura prayed did not happen! I arrived at her parents home, the reception was happening here and she was due to get married @ 4pm in her local church. Wow… as I drove in I could not believe how absolutely stunning their home is. It was like a wedding venue you see in the brochures. A beautiful long drive with 20 acres of land. A grand home with a couch house next to it. The gardens were pristine and it was like something from a fairytale.

A beautiful long drive with 20 acres of land. A grand home with a couch house next to it.

Then I saw Laura, she seemed so much more relaxed from when I had seen her last week. She didn’t even seem worried about the weather. We went to her room to get her ready. This is where I met her wonderful bridesmaid Flic. Laura is such a friendly lovely lady, I have known her for a total of 11 years and we had discussed how choosing bridesmaids had been tricky as she has some lovely friends. Flic had previously told Laura she did not want to be a bridesmaid. But Laura took the plunge and asked her. They had known one another since University and Laura and her are still incredibly close. After a little bit of anticipation Laura got a YES from Flic!

We completed Flic’s hair with a soft curl and a quiff styled hair up. Laura wanted Flic to be super comfortable and this is similar to her go to hair style. It really looked lovely on her and she loved my magic dust I used to help give some texture and hold in her hair without making it sticky! Whilst Laura was finishing up her make up by Hollie Vuoto I saw a mont jack deer in her garden. Yep you read that correctly, what a beautiful sight! From another window I could see the marquee and I heard they also had croquet for the guests to enjoy.

Laura then proceeded to tell us a neighbour had called her Mum that morning to tell them their junior Bull had escaped so if anyone see’s it to let them know….. I mean it’s not everyday you get married what are the chances of a Bull escaping on this day. We did laugh about this but deep down I am sure this made Laura a little nervous. Still something to tell the grandchildren right?!

Then we completed Laura’s hair, she had a romantic updo with some soft curls and we tried to keep her hair off her face so it didn’t annoy her throughout the day. As with any big day it became manic very quickly. Her bridesmaid was incredible she helped sort the photos for the photographer, the flowers, the dress was buttoned up and she even squirted Laura’s perfume on for her. Thats when I realised why Laura wanted Flic as bridesmaid. She knew her so well and kept the whole thing flowing whilst keeping super calm!

After her dress was on we were placing her veil on, I showed Flic how to remove it as the veil was longer that the dress and both I and Laura thought it was highly unlikely to stay on all evening. She also had a beautiful hair piece and the dress was incredible and everything she had chosen was perfect.

As I was leaving the photographer Jack Caley was taking a picture of Laura walking down her parents incredible staircase. It was so beautiful (and may have caused a lump in my throat).

I would like to wish Laura and Kane all the happiness in the world as they start their journey to married life. Laura you looked incredible and I hope you had the very best day. It may have been in a lockdown but what a day to remember and brighten up the past year and a half of madness we have endured. An intimate wedding may not have been what you originally planned, but from the outside looking in it was perfect and just as it was meant to be. Best of all, it didn’t rain!

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