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Passion for hair cutting

People think a hair cut is just a cut but there is so much more!

In my many years of hairdressing, I have discovered the things I love doing through work and doing hair. I have such a passion for most things to do with hair, and I think it comes from my naturally creative interest. From a hairdresser’s perspective the key most of the time is to be able to see things others cannot and you have to have an artistic eye. Cutting is a huge part of hairdressing and I love creating styles to suit an individual.

Cutting isn’t just picking up some scissors and cutting in a straight line. Finding a good hairdresser who can cut your hair how you want is sometimes tricky. And this can take a couple of appointments between a client and hairdresser. Once you find that hairdresser don’t let them go!

I have experienced so many customers when they first come to me they just want a trim or tidy up. Sometimes this is genuinely all they need other times this can be a bit of a test on their part, a way for them to gain trust in me. And I will take that test and prove my worth!

There are way too many hairdressers out there that I like to call scissor happy (I have experienced this myself). They don’t listen to what a customer wants and chops off what they want or they think is needed. Now sometimes it is needed but that isn’t our choice to make! So you leave the hairdresser’s upset that they decided to take 2 inches more than you asked. You can feel upset and express this and people just do not understand, and make comments like, “it’s only hair!” Or “It will grown back!” But this is YOUR hair, the crown you never take off.

Trust is such a huge thing and when I have your trust it means so much to me. Whatever you ask, I want you to rest assured I WILL provide this! Sometimes people even with really damaged hair just want a small amount off, a dusting of a haircut. Thats OK, I won’t just chop of an extra inch! I will discuss with you what needs to come off, we can compromise, and discuss how to get your hair healthy. I’ll recommend products and regular trims instead until your looking and feeling fabulous!

I’m also super eager to help you guys if you need that little push to have a re-style that you wish you was brave enough to take the plunge and do! I enjoy helping you decide what cut would suit not only your face shape but your lifestyle. I’ll ask questions such as:

Do you need to tie your hair up for your job? Would you regularly blow-dry your own hair? Or what products do you like to use on your hair?

There is no point having a high maintenance hair cut if you are not suited to styling your hair the desired way necessary and it looks awful unless styled by a professional. This just results in customers not returning to me. I like to manage everyone’s expectations about how you can look and feel your best daily. Between us we can work out a new look that suits you physically and be manageable daily!

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